The Fundraising Subcommittee provides the MSA with the financial resources necessary to meet its aspirations, as well as maintain robust links with the current student body and alumni. In addition to on-campus efforts such as selling MSA gear, we hold annual banquets to leverage the support of our extensive and ever-growing body of Penn graduates. Your support will help keep the MSA running smoothly and ensure our success for years to come.

Contact: Danish Munir at dtmunir@gmail.com


Alumni Banquet

The Fundraising subcommittee launched the annual Alumni banquet in 2006 which has generated tremendous enthusiasm. The most recent banquet held in April 2007 in New Jersey attracted dozens of students and alums from afar for an evening of fine dining and good company. More importantly we engaged in a dialogue on how to better serve the needs of the MSA and our alumni. Whether you are just starting out at Penn or have already graduated, this is one event to look forward to for many years ahead.

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