Zuhaib Badami

Salaam! My name is Zuhaib and I’m a Khoja Pakistani Australian who spent his childhood moving between Saudi Arabia and Australia. (Third Culture Kids FTW!). Things I love: food, taking care of people, food, travel, Philly, food, midnight walks, food…you get the point. I’m here to help the MSA develop as well as make sure everything and everyone is taken care of. Feel free to contact me about pretty much anything (good, bad, or ugly) at president@upennmsa.org.


Aziz Jalil

Assalamu Alaikom! My name is Aziz and I’m a second year graduate student pursuing my PhD in Chemistry! I’m kind of like Will Smith, born and raised in Philly. I enjoy making people laugh and also love helping people with whatever capacity I possibly can. Aside from school, I am involved with the refugee population in the Philadelphia area as well as a mentorship program called LAMP. I hope to be able to use these involvements to benefit the Penn MSA community!

David Stanek

Salaam! I’m David. I’m a PhD student researching old stuff in cities. I’m a sometimes musician and a hobbyist photographer and I walk a lot, mostly from my house to the library, but occasionally through woods and up mountains.



Nayab Khan

Assalamualaikum! My name is Nayab and I’m from The City that Never Sleeps. However, sometimes, Penn feels like The College that Never Sleeps! I am studying Biology and Nonprofit Leadership, while on the pre-dental track. When I am not studying away, you can find me at some random cafe drawing away and/or telling people the importance of flossing. I love Penn, teeth, COFFEE, and snow!

Du’aa Moharram

Assalamu alaikum! My name is Du’aa Moharram, and I am a sophomore in the Nursing school from the suburbs of central NJ (but I much prefer Philadelphia). I like to spend my time in coffeeshops in the city, studying/working and getting a break from being on campus- let me know if you’d like to join me sometime! I genuinely am always here if you ever need to talk; feel free to contact me at duaam@nursing.upenn.edu. Thank you all for putting your confidence in us as your next board, and I look forward to a successful year insha’Allah!

Malak Elshafei

Assalamu Alaikum! My name is Malak Elshafei. I am a sophomore studying Health and Societies and pursuing premed. Currently considering minoring in Chemistry and Political Science as well! I was  born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but heritage-wise I am Libyan! This is my second year on the MSA board, and it is my honor to serve the Muslims at Penn in the broader community. 

What I appreciate the most in life is watching classic films, having intellectual talks, indulging in sugary treats, and spending quality time with friends and my kitties. I also love a good laugh, so if you find any funny memes or comics, let a sister know. I am normally shy, so please come talk to me 🙂 Welcome to the MSA! 

Kenan Saleh

Salaam, my name is Kenan Saleh. I was born in New York City but spent the majority of my life in a tiny town in Wisconsin. My heritage is a bit unique — half of my family is from Syria while the other half is from Cuba. In my free time I enjoy exploring Philadelphia, working out, and spending time with my friends. I’m very excited to be on board, and look forward to a successful year InshAllah.


Zahraa Mohammed

Salaam! My name is Zahraa Mohammed and I am from the Northeast of Philadelphia, but originally from Iraq. My intended major is Health and Societies within the College. I enjoy writing and performing spoken word poetry, capturing moments (which includes having an excessive amount of photoshoots), and meeting people of all walks of life. Every one of us has a story, and I’m excited to hear all about yours iA!

Iman Omer

Assalamu Alaikum! I’m Iman Omer, a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences, and I’m a Biology major (as of now). I’m ethnically Sudanese and I strongly identify with Sudan. However, I was born in New Jersey, and lived the last eight years of my life in the United Arab Emirates and essentially consider it home. I am an avid tea drinker, and I’m easily addicted to TV shows. I’m also extremely interested in various cultures and traditions of the world. Overall, I’m looking forward to working with this board to strengthen the Muslim community here at Penn.

Keith Bolden


Ezzaty Binti Hasbullah

Assalamualaikum everyone! I’m Ezzaty and am originally from Malaysia. Currently very undecided on what to major in but Insyaallah hope to find out in the near future future. I used to hate sweets, but every since I came to America, I have developed an addiction to chocolate chip cookies (amongst other things). I love working out and doing all sorts of sports – mostly so that I can eat more cookies guilt-free!