Adel Qalieh

Class of 2017 | Bloomfield Hills, Michigan | President
Assalamu Alaikum everyone! I’m Adel, and I’m from a serene suburb in Detroit, Michigan. I like eating lots of foreign foods, and especially Indian/Pakistani foods. I’ve been involved in MSA since high school, and got involved with the Penn MSA as soon as I came on campus. I look forward to meeting everyone and making it a welcoming community!

Irtiqa Fazili

Class of 2017 | Nashville, Tennessee | Vice President
Assalamualaikum! My name is Irtiqa and I’m from Nashville TN (and as such, perpetually cold in the northeast fall/winter). I’m also the oldest of four children and quite easy to spot from a distance because I’m often laughing too loudly in public spaces. I love Penn, writing, Philly, and excessively/unnecessarily hashtag-ing things #blessed #alhamdulillah

Uzair Akhtar

Class of 2017 | Ashburn, Virginia | Secretary
Salaam, my name is Uzair Akhtar and I am a junior from right outside of DC, studying mechanical engineering with a minor in economics. I love playing all sports, cracking jokes and puns, and going on midnight adventures. I look forward to a great year for the MSA inshAllah.

Malak Elshafei

Class of 2019 | Ann Arbor, Michigan | Treasurer
Assalamu Alaikum. My name is Malak Elshafei and I am from the lower right part of the Michigan mitten-Ann Arbor! My intended major is Health and Societies, but I am still open to all the options at Penn. I have an unfortunate addiction to tea and sweets, but a fortunate curiosity of different physical activities (currently boxing). I am entertained by all forms of media and love exploring Philadelphia with my friends.

Meriem Djelmami-Hani

Class of 2019 | Milwaukee, Wisconsin | Islamic Education Chair
Assalamu Alaikum! I’m Meriem, a freshman at Wharton concentrating in finance and management. I am from Milwaukee, WI, and originally from Algeria. I enjoy traveling, learning more about fields I’m passionate about—which range from Qur’anic studies to financial trends—and spending quality time with family and friends! Looking forward to working toward strengthening our Ummah this year inshallah!

Nayab Khan

Class of 2018 | NYC, New York | Community Relations Chair
Assalamualaikum! My name is Nayab and I’m from The City that Never Sleeps. However, sometimes, Penn feels like The College that Never Sleeps! InshAllah, I plan to major in Biology, while on the pre-dental track! When I am not buried under my organic chemistry textbook at Van Pelt, you can find me exploring Philly and/or telling people the importance of flossing. I love Penn, teeth, COFFEE, and snow!

Sanaa Ounis

Class of 2018 | Troy, NY | Social Chair
Assalamu Alaikum everyone! My name is Sanaa. I’m from Troy, NY, but I identify strongly with my Algerian background. I’m a sophomore studying Cognitive Science with a minor in Statistics. When I am not watching sitcoms or drama shows on Netflix, I like to hike, run, and do pretty much any outdoor activity. I also drink questionable amounts of coffee and do nail art. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Barry Oshiba

Class of 2018 | Houston, Texas | Logistics & Marketing Chair
Assalamu Alaikum. I liken the pleasantly slow pace of the suburbs in which I grew up to the nature of my unhurried lifestyle. I take pleasure in long drives, long walks, and long Scorsese films. I hold dear my shoes and my hats, and if you spend enough time around me you’ll realize that I suffer from a mild case of Francophilia. Our MSA is convivial unlike any other, and I hope to add more to its wonderful community with the guidance and blessings of Allah.

Zuhaib Badami

Class of 2019 | Multiple Places, Earth | Strategy Chair
Salaam! My name is Zuhaib and I’m a Khoja Pakistani Australian who spent his childhood moving between Saudi Arabia and Australia. (Third Culture Kids FTW!). Things I love: food, taking care of people, food, travel, Philly, food, midnight walks, food…you get the point. I work to make sure Muslims are well accommodated for at Penn and that all Muslims are included! Feel free to contact me through our contact form for questions about Halal dining (quite literally my hobby) and housing.

Kenan Saleh

Class of 2019 | Wisconsin | Communications Chair
Salaam, my name is Kenan Saleh. I was born in New York City but spent the majority of my life in a tiny town in Wisconsin. My heritage is a bit unique — half of my family is from Syria while the other half is from Cuba. In my free time I enjoy exploring Philadelphia, working out, and spending time with my friends. I’m very excited to be on board, and look forward to a successful year InshAllah.

Zahraa Mohammed

Class of 2019 | Philadelphia, PA | Outreach Chair
Salaam! My name is Zahraa Mohammed and I am from the Northeast of Philadelphia, but originally from Iraq. My intended major is Health and Societies though that may very well be subjected to change. I enjoy writing and performing spoken word poetry, capturing moments (which includes having an excessive amount of photoshoots), and meeting people of all walks of life. Every one of us has a story, and I’m excited to hear all about yours iA!