2014 Executive Board

Menvekeh Daramay

Class of 2015 | Hatboro, Pennsylvania | President
I was born in Guinea, Africa; however, I have been in the States for ten years now. In all those years, I have lived in Hatboro Pennsylvania, about 45 minutes train ride East of Northeast of Campus. I love being active, and the most enjoyable form of activity for me is soccer. So if you ever want to kick a ball around, shoot some hoops, or just go for a jog, I am your guy. I can’t imagine my time here at Penn without the MSA and its tight knit community filled with kind and generous people. This community has given me so much; I have always felt welcomed since the first GBM I attended my freshman year. Therefore, I am really happy to be able to return the smiles and to continue sharing with each and every one of you the camaraderie I have come to enjoy. InshAllah, with your help we can make MSA even a more welcoming community. So, please feel free let us know how we can better serve you.

Hanna Elmongy

Class of 2015 | Berwyn, Pennsylvania | Vice President
Salaam everyone! I am from the suburbs of Philadelphia, but I spent my childhood in New Orleans, I was born in Texas, and my family is from Egypt. I love cooking and baking, my favorite author is Jane Austen, but I like to read all sorts of books, and I like to play tennis–though not too well. It’s a really hard decision but my favorite foods are Thai green curry and Fattet Makdous though not together of course. InshaAllah I hope that with your input we can develop the MSA into a strong and vibrant community. Feel free to come to me with anything at all–personal or MSA related. ♥

Osama Ahmed

Class of 2016 | Oakville, Ontario | Communications Chair
Osama Ahmed is a junior in the Vagelos LSM program majoring in Biophysics in the College and and Marketing and Operations Management in Wharton. As Communications Chair, he’ll make sure that the MSA has both ears and eyes wide open for suggestions, collaboration and interfaith activities. When he isn’t busy wrestling with the existential conundrum of being a pre-med student studying in Wharton, he can be found gallivanting around campus trying to be cheeky.

Habeeb Suara

Class of 2016 | Bollivar, Tennessee | Social Chair
Assalaamu Alaikum! My name is Habeeb Suara, and I am the MSA Social Chair! I am a junior of Nigerian descent studying Biological Basis of Behavior. During my down time, I enjoy playing sports, drumming, singing, making corny jokes, meeting new people, taking long naps in the RAC, and spending time with my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters!

Fahmida Sarmin

Class of 2016 | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | External Communications Chair
Salaam everyone! My name is Fahmida and I’m a West Philly native (cue Fresh Prince theme song). Although my parents’ house is barely a few blocks away from campus, I still consider MSA to be my family away from my family. My hobbies/interests include traveling, taking power naps, soccer, and interacting with people of different cultures and backgrounds. One of my goals as a board member is to provide MSA members with the opportunity to take an active role in their community by means of service, empowerment, and much more. I am looking forward to another wonderful year on board!

Afrah Mohammad

Class of 2016 | Santa Clara, California | Secretary
I’m from (objectively) the best place in the world, the Bay Area. I almost went to UC Berkeley but lucky you, I’m here now.

Ahsen Kayani

Class of 2017 | Manhattan, Kansas | Islamic Education Co-Chair
Assalamu Alaykum! I was born in Manhattan…Kansas and was raised in the cornfields of the Midwest; although, my parents are of Pakistani descent. I am a part of the class of 2017 and am studying Biochemistry Insha Allah. I love to eat exotic food, play sports, and read in my free time. My favorite part about Penn is the proximity to the West Philly Muslim community and the concrete jungle that is Philadelphia. The great part about the Penn MSA as anyone here can attest to is the welcoming and tight-knit community. I look forward to working with and getting to know everyone in the future.

Ismail Ahmed

Class of 2017 | New York, New York | Islamic Education Co-Chair
Salam Alaykum. I hail from, the best city in the world, New York City. I am of Bengladeshi and Puerto Rican descent, but cannot speak either of their languages. I love to travel and I am a rabid sports fan (go Knicks!). I have a huge family, thus my vision for Penn MSA is to bring the MSA family together in Faith and fun.

Ahmed Babar Yousaf

Class of 2016 | Charleston, West Virginia | Treasurer
I was born and raised in the suburban (probably more rural) town of Charleston, West Virginia. After spending my entire childhood there, I came to Penn and immediately involved myself with MSA. Having a young Muslim community was a change, but at the same time a blessing. Besides my work with MSA, I enjoy nature, skyping my twin brother, and sleeping. If you ever need help with anything really, feel free to hit me up. P.S. There are two Ahmeds on board so try to distinguish us.

Ahmed Yousef

Class of 2016 | St. Louis, Missouri | Muslim Life Coordinator
Salaam all! My name is Ahmed Yousef, and I am from a small college town near Kansas City, Missouri. But, I’ve lived in several parts of the United States, including Louisiana and Ohio, where I was born. In my free time, I like to play tennis, read, watch movies, and keep up on politics. I should also mention that I love debate–like, a lot. Finally, I am the eldest of four children.

Adel Qalieh

Class of 2017 | Bloomfield Hills, Michigan | Marketing
Assalamu Alaikum everyone! I’m Adel, and I’m from a serene suburb in Detroit, Michigan. I like eating lots of foreign foods, and especially Indian/Pakistani foods. I’ve been involved in MSA since high school, and got involved with the Penn MSA as soon as I came on campus. I look forward to meeting you soon!